Feds on a Rampage: Sports Streaming Services Taken Down

US seems deaf to European Parliament’s criticism regarding domain name seizures

This Sunday the Super Bowl will kick-start, so the feds have been busy closing down 16 popular sport-streaming websites, including FirstRowTV. Thousands of people use streaming sites to watch NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and Fifa streams, and even pay-per-view events like UFC or boxing.

However, 28-year-old Yonjo Quiroa living in Michigan has been arrested and charged with accusations of operating 9 such sport-streaming websites. According to the authorities, Quiro has made a profit of over $13.000 out of ads.

Here’s a list of the sites that were taken down: firstrow.tv, firstrowsports.com, firstrowsports.net, firstrowsports.tv, hq-streams.tv, robplay.tv, soccertvlive.net, sports95.com, sports95.net, sports95.org, sportswwe.net, sportswwe.tv, sportswwe.com, xonesports.tv, youwwe.com and youwwe.net.

This is not the first time US authorities go into action just before the Super Bowl, as last year 10 similar websites were closed just days before the popular sport event was about to begin.

However, for some of the operators of these sites US authorities are more than overzealous when it comes to copyright issues and tend to forget some unimportant details such as international laws and the fact that they CAN NOT dictate the rules in a foreign country.

“Since we don’t live in a third-world country here, the courts decide if something is illegal not the entertainment industry lobbies. We will continue until a court decides that the site is illegal, but for now we’ve seen three court decisions on this matter that say it is not,” Firstrow’s co-owner commented.