Brazil Disclosed as One Of Megaupload’s Top Users

The aftermath of Megaupload being shut down by the US Justice Department is rather cataclysmic, as the repercussions extend beyond MPAA’s wildest imagination.

Global attacks on the interweb were launched as a sign of protest and anger (read our article about Anonymous’ actions). A lot of these hacking actions took place in Brazil as well, where more than 100 government websites were blocked during the weekend, among whom Brazilian sites of Visa, Mastercard, and Paula Fernandes a rising pop singer and songwriter phenomenon.

As one may wonder why Brazil should be the target of these attacks, DomainTools – an internet analytics website – provided the answer by showing that Megaupload had 8,4% of its traffic coming from Brazil, after France with 10,3%. Yet another study, conducted by Sandvine, shows that the file-sharing website had 11,39% of all internet traffic from Brazil.

During the years Brazil has been harshly criticized for failing to protect intellectual property, despite some of the country’s efforts to curb piracy; reportedly,  CDs and DVDs are still to be found on the streets markets.

However, Brazil is facing its own version of SOPA, but recent events (SOPA and PIPA losing ground) had made the pubic think again about the issues of the legislation.