Report: FileSharing on the Rise

Web hosting services provider has published a research on filesharing behavior (covering Europe) whose results show a growth of the phenomenon from 2010 to 2011.

According to the study conducted from November 25 to December 9, 2011, four in five respondents said they use email to share photos, documents, presentations, music and videos with friends and family and a small percentage of merely seven satisfy their sharing needs by burning discs.

It’s not really a surprise that the study found Swedes to be to most enthusiastic users of tablets and smartphones in their sharing of data (Sweden being one of the pioneering countries when it comes to filesharing); compared to them, the European average behavior relevant to mobile devices for file sharing is only one in seven respondents.

There is, however, a surprise with regard to the percentage of the files shared by Europeans in 2010 and 2011 – here Swedes come last with 22 percent fewer files shared in 2011 compared to 2010.

Overall, reportedly 82 percent of European respondents shared more files in 2011 than they did in 2010. Top of the chart are UK citizens with 92 percent followed by Belgians with 83 percent and Danish with 82 percent; similar to the Swedes, the Dutch shared fewer files in 2011(24 percent).

The study also reveals the main reasons people have given for the decrease in their filesharing activity “fewer opportunities to share files (40 percent), it is too time-consuming (13 percent) and concerns over privacy (13 percent). Interestingly security worries do not seem to concern respondents in Belgium, Netherlands or Sweden much, who did not cite this as an explanation for sharing a reduced amount of files in 2011” (via

According to the same source, “across Europe, the most communicated files are photos (79 percent), text documents (62 percent), PDF files (61 percent) and spreadsheets (47 percent). Video (36 percent) and music (31 percent) files are shared to a lesser extent.”

The results of the survey were accompanied by comments from Thomas Medard Frederiksen, COO at

“People often think that sharing large files can be complicated and time-consuming, especially if you use ftp servers with complicated log-in procedures or need to split the data into different packages so it can fit on two or three USB sticks”, said Thomas Medard Frederiksen, COO at

“It does not need to be complicated. With our Cloud Drive, part of our web hosting packages, you can store files easily and safely and create a sharable link directly on your computer, through the browser or with one of the apps for mobile devices. You can give the link to those you want to share some folder, files or pictures with and by clicking on the link, the recipient can access all the data you have chosen to share.”

The filesharing habits in Europe have been revealed even in connection to a timetable – apparently they prefer the second half of the day for filesharing, mainly in the afternoon between 12pm and 6pm (47 %) and during the evening from 6pm and 12am (36%).