Top 10 Most Downloaded Movies of 2011

It’s been a busy year for the file-sharing community, with ups and downs for both the industry and pirates. Compared to 2010’s top 10, this year shows a dropdown in downloads even for the winner of the list “Fast Five” which managed to gather over 9 million downloads, followed by “The Hangover II” with almost 9 million and “Thor” with more than 8 million. In 2010 Avatar had no less than 16 million downloads.

The lawsuits, the bills and legislations, the arrests, the fines had indeed put their finger on the wound that has been opened ever since this “cyberwar” had started. Despite these facts, the BitTorrent community stands tall and increases its numbers.

This year’s big absentees from 2010’s top list are Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides, and Transformers: Dark of the moon.

Ranking Movie Downloads Worldwide Grosses
1 Fast Five 9,260,000 $626,137,675
2 The Hangover II 8,840,000 $581,464,305
3 Thor 8,330,000 $449,326,618
4 Source Code 7,910,000 $123,278,618
5 I Am Number Four 7,670,000 $144,500,437
6 Sucker Punch 7,200,000 $89,792,502
7 127 Hours 6,910,000 $60,738,797
8 Rango 6,480,000 $245,155,348
9 The King’s Speech 6,250,000 $414,211,549
10 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 6,030,000 $1,328,111,219

(via TorrentFreak)