Artists Offer 50,000 Free Music Albums on BitTorrent

Jamendo is a name that many music enthusiasts know. With over 300.000 tracks and 50.000 albums offered since its birth, this website holds an impressive music database.

Starting with only 500 albums 5 years ago, Jamendo is today a vast database of free music including different genres. Its impressive statistics outrank even important record labels. Supporting p2p even from the start, Jamendo’s Sylvie de Lannois said that the BitTorrent choice was only natural since artists consider it a good way to promote their work.
Speaking with TorrentFreak, De Lannois said:

“We were one of the first platforms to provide legal music torrents because the artists on Jamendo wanted to use the P2P networks to share their music and have it discovered. At the beginning it was also a very good solution, very reliable and economical.”

An interesting fact is that Jamendo’s seeding is taken care of by artists and fans. Contrary to what many might think about BitTorrent, Jamendo’s artists publish their work on all major BitTorrent sites. Supporting this are the 315.000 tracks that can be found on their website.

Under the Creative Commons license Jamendo can be considered as the launching pad for a new music industry.

We are a new opportunity for a new generation of artists, we provide new tools and a new legal framework. Every day, new artists are joining Jamendo. We want to be part of a new organisation of the music distribution where the artists have the choice and can decide how they want to be diffused,” De Lannois said.

Moreover, its users can review and donate directly to artists if they appreciate their work. “Jamendo is not American Idol, the promise is not to become a star with Jamendo, we prefer to have thousands of artists who can get new fans, share their music and sometimes make some money. The most popular artists on Jamendo have millions of listens, this is the best rewards they can get.”

For Jamendo artists’ needs are the first priority and the 1.000.000 music enthusiasts are a boost of confidence for new comers.