Hackers Get Their Own WikiLeaks Website Courtesy of Anonymous

Anonymous is back in the headlines. A subgroup of the hacker activists has launched two WikiLeaks-like websites that allow insiders and virtually anyone with hacking abilities who wants to get involved to divulge sensitive information belonging to governments and corporations, the archenemies of the group.

The two websites are each specialized in a certain type of information – while LocalLeaks.tk contains material concerning corruption and crimes at a local level, HackerLeaks.tk (launched more recently – on June 25) focuses on info dealing with any other stolen data

“Hackers helping hackers to leak material of interest. You Download it, we’ll disclose it for you,” reads the latter’s message.

People who witness or have been witness to acts related to police brutality, government wrongfulness, corruption, or workplace harassment can use LocalLeaks to report such wrongdoings.

According to the site, their first priority is to “provide a safe, secure – and anonymous way for local government or corporate employees to disclose sensitive information.”

Also the site assures that measures are taken to protect the identity of those who submit material.

Furthermore, both sites state their legitimacy – “We don’t obtain this material. We merely publish it. This violates no sane law anywhere.”