Latest Features from uTorrent: Comments, Rating and Streaming

A new version of uTorrent client described as their best yet by the developing team is out now. By enabling features like comments, ratings, streaming and more they hope to reach both novice and long time users. Ever since uTorrent for Windows launched back in 2005, it has rapidly become one of the most used platforms for file-sharing.

uTorrent 3.0 Beta was recently released coming with a variety of new features and improvements, thanks to months of extensive testing.

The highlight feature is, of course, the rating and comment options. For example, the comment feature has been asked for by users since a very long time, reaching no. 4 in BitTorrent’s most-requested list. The usefulness of commenting a torrent has been debated, splitting the users into two groups, one saying that spammers will become a problem, others pointing out the benefits.

The rating system is classic, giving you the possibility to award a torrent with 1 through 5 stars; by combining this with comments, a feedback system will be created.

Streaming has been also added. This allows the user to preview or watch video files while downloading. Aiming towards novice users a “simplified view” option is to be found in uTorrent’s interface. Novice users can also benefit from the improved guides and video tutorials. The “Drop files to send” option makes file-sharing even easier than before.That’s not all. A link is provided (after uploading) containing the .torrent file. If your friend doesn’t have uTorrent on his computer, he’s presented with the option to download the torrent bundled with a copy of uTorrent.

Remote access is now possible through smartphones and other devices. A USB-stick version is also available, bringing functionality and mobility to the next level.

“Our design goal is to simplify the way people interact with uTorrent while continuing to offer and expand features and expert capabilities,” BitTorrent’s VP of Product Management Simon Morris told TorrentFreak. “This will likely broaden the appeal for many users while maintaining the technical capabilities popular with power users.”

“From a functionality perspective, we’re taking two approaches. First, embed high-demand features like streaming, ratings and remote access that are valuable to many users. Second, creating the ability for people to add-on features via the Apps platform,” Morris added.

New addons and gadgets will be added in the near feature.

“We have an active roadmap for uTorrent for 2011, and the company. We see uTorrent as offering an ideal file sharing experience with deep insight into the background data. Ideally, such a client would enable someone to find, get, play, send, and shift large files over the Internet,” he said.

“In particular, major initiatives are underway focused on sending or synching of large files, and introducing support for live streaming,” Morris added.

A full listing of the client’s features can be found on uTorrent’s official website.