uTorrent Integrates New Apps into Its Services: VLC Media Player and Torrent Broadcast Apps

uTorrent is rising, rising…

After we reported last month that the BitTorrent Inc. made available the stable version of uTorrent 2.2, today we come with news about the addition of two more apps file-sharing fans will be happy to learn about.

What’s all about? – The first new app integrated into the popular p2p client is the VLC player, favored among BitTorrent users due to its high versatility (it’s packed with lots of codecs) and simplicity at the same time. Thanks to the new addition uTorrent users will be able to play media files directly from within the client.

With the second app integrated into uTorrent, the file-sharing program enriches indeed the sharing aspect by allowing users to use uCast, a new app, to create an RSS feed of the (selected) torrents they are downloading, and share this with other downloading-maniac friends.

“Your TorrentCast is like a living mix tape, because you can add files at any time and your friends will instantly get them. You can also open up your TorrentCast to collaboration, so your friends can also add files to it,” says BitTorrent Inc.

Utorrent users are able now not only to maintain these TorrentCasts but also to launch collaboration on the feeds by inviting other users to join – through a password they can have access to the feed, and the possibility to add or remove torrents.

It’s more than likely that these apps will be much appreciated by uTorrent users who, through each of BitTorrent Inc. latest moves, receive justification for their loyalty to the p2p client.

(via TorrentFreak)