Death in the BitTorrent World: LimeWire Shut Down for Good

Over the last few months LimeWire’s efforts to survive and remain within legal boundaries have been consistent and praisable but now the days of the Gnutella-based p2p client that made history are over.

Following a request from the RIAA, Limewire was ordered to halt the current application’s file sharing abilities so that users can’t trade files illegally anymore.

Copyright holders have been long complaining about the loss they suffer at the hand of once the most popular file sharing program in the world. Yesterday, a federal judge decided to make the record labels happy and turned Limewire into a martyr of the p2p scene saying in his decision that the download client “intentionally encouraged infringement” and the company was aware of the “substantial infringement being committed” by its users.

This victory by the RIAA could mark a sad turning point in the file sharing history. Clients similar to Limewire could easily become the next target as TorrentFreak emphasizes.

“In January, the court will conduct a trial to determine the appropriate level of damages necessary to compensate the record companies for the billions and billions of illegal downloads that occurred through the Limewire system,” the RIAA told TorrentFreak which also speculates about a comeback of the service in a legal form.