DDoS Attacks against RIAA and Its Kindred Groups Will Continue, Says Anonymous

In September a series of DDoS attacks targeting entertainment industry’s watchdogs RIAA, MPAA and BPI but also anti-P2P law firm ACS:Law and pro-intellectual property website Copyright Alliance made the headlines under the name “Operation Payback”.

Conducting these attacks were members of the hacker group Anonymous seeking retaliation by the same methods these organizations used against file sharing websites. But those who thought that was just a short burst should think again – the group announced in an interview by security firm Panda Labs that this online guerilla fight will “keep going until we stop being angry.” And they seem angry, alright!

Anonymous has been many times associated with 4Chan (by us included) but the group says there is no direct connection between them. They further explained that 4Chan, an image board, is merely used as a communications tool.

“There been a massive lobbyist-provoked surge in unfair infringements of personal freedom online, lately,” one member of Anonymous said. “In the USA, a new bill has been proposed that could allow the USA to force top level registrars such as ICANN and Nominet to shut down websites, all with NO fair trial. Guilty until proven guilty! Our tactics are inspired by the very people who provoked us, AiPlex Software. A few weeks back they admitted to attacking file sharing sites with DDoS attacks.”

Check out a video report on the ACS:Law case below: