uTorrent Promotes Hip-Hop Artist through Downloads

Over the last two years, releasing music albums and even movies via BitTorrent has become almost a trend. Whether they created their own websites to give away their works for free or used different file sharing sites and specialized music portals as distributing platforms, artists have definitely embraced new views of perceiving music distribution and ways to do it, probably inconceivable for many a decade ago.

With some previous successful examples such as The Pirate Bay and BitTorrent distribution platform Vodo which were a genuine source of inspiration in terms of marketing, BitTorrent Inc. has decided to make this step itself launching its own marketing campaign through which to help aspiring artists to distribute their music via its platform. Therefore uTorrent is now promoting the mixtape debut of PAZ, titled Young Broke & Fameless.

“We want to continue to build on the successes that we have already seen with Pioneer One and the Yes Men. In both cases, their creations were wildly downloaded and consumers showed their enthusiasm by opening their wallets and donating to these creators so that they can continue to make future content,” TorrentFreak quotes BitTorrent Inc. spokesperson Jenna Broughton.

With PAZ as the first musician to benefit from uTorrent’s promotion service, BitTorrent Inc. hopes to make way for a series of future fruitful collaborations.

While some artists choose this way of distributing their works to reach a broader audience, for most of them who decide on using BitTorrent to release their material, this could be their best shot at gaining recognition.

Download PAZ’s Young Broke & Fameless (“a cocktail of rock, hip-hop and dance”)

(via TorrentFreak)