KickassTorrents Shut Down, Relocation Expected

KickassTorrents, one of the top torrent sites on the BitTorrent scene which P2PON recommended in a number of occasions has been made unavailable by the Ukrainian authorities.

The ascension of the file sharing site was quite a joy to follow. In no more than one year it has managed to become hugely appreciated by the p2p communities. P2PON has always kept you posted with the latest updates of the KickassTorrents crew (which happened quite often and were always innovative and useful).

While trying repeatedly to access the site today, no response followed so I thought something must be wrong. Very soon I found out what and unfortunately it was as suspected – KickassTorrents had been pulled offline. TorrentFreak was the first to report about the shut down.

“ main web server was shut down by the hosting provider after it was contacted by local authorities. We don’t have many details right now but it seems that there was no direct threat or order to shut down the site, just ‘concerns’ about the site’s activities,” the site’s founder told TorrentFreak.

“One way or another I’m afraid we must say goodbye to Ukraine and move the servers to other countries,” he added.

So far no official statements have been made by Ukrainian authorities.

It seems that Ukraine joins the list of countries where hosting file sharing sites is no longer trouble-free due to copyright issues. However, we do hope, as probably all our readers, to see KickassTorrents team return and resume its marvelous work.

Stay tuned.