File-sharing or Watching a Film in a Group

The other days, the TorrentFreak guys have posted an interesting interview with an independent film director who confessed that only bad or mediocre films are affected by the file-sharing.  Sam Bozzo feels that “the current file-sharing trend is a catalyst for a true evolution in filmmaking”.

That’s quite a statement, since so many in the movie industry disagree. But Bozzo does a good job backing it up by explaining his own experiences.  He has discovered an unusual way to get money from his own “pirated movies”:

I contacted the uploader of my film and asked she spread a message of support with the torrent, asking for donations if a viewer likes the film and explaining that was a self-financed endeavor. The result? I received many donations and emails of support from those who downloaded the film, but I furthermore believe that viewers spread the word of the film to their non-torrent-downloading friends and that DVD sales increased due to the leak.

Therefore, the torrent leak acquired “free advertising”, and soon he became the only truly independent documentary filmmaker making his money this year.

He thinks that it’s wrong to worry about DVD sales, because if people are watching the movies on their computer, it’s probably best to compare it to a situation like inviting friends over to watch a film in a group.

“The more people who see the film, the more will likely love it and want to buy it for their collection. When you invite a group of friends to your house to watch a DVD, do you charge them? One person bought one DVD, and ten watch it free, but if the film is good, hopefully a few of them will buy a DVD for themselves, or at least spread positive word.

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