BitTorrent Search Engine Speckly Adds In-Browser BitTorrent Client

We introduced Speckly to you more than a year ago – the BitTorrent search engine that includes several indexers/trackers and which now has added a new very useful feature: downloading via browser.

Speckly Tools, as the new feature is called, was thought-out as a way to make torrent searching and the file sharing experience altogether even easier.

How it works – if the user isn’t able to install a BitTorrent p2p client Speckly Tools steps offering the advantage of a Java-based BitTorrent client. The feature uses the Bitlet Java app which comes in pretty useful for the download process. File sharers using the new addition will have results displayed within the following websites: IsoHunt, Fulldls, PirateBay, NewTorrents, TorrentReactor, Extratorrents, and Mininova.


The announcement reads:

“A user simply uses our real-time search engine of the largest torrent sites as normal. After clicking on the torrent link, or our Quick Peek binocular icon, the user goes to the website content with the addition of Speckly Tools sitting discreetly on top. If you are on a computer that doesn’t have a BitTorrent download software, or you are new to BitTorrent, you can easily download in the browser simply by clicking on the download icon