uTorrent Surpasses Vuze in Download Speed Test

A recent study conducted by University of California researcher Marios Iliofotou together with a team from Telefonica Research places uTorrent above its greatest competitor, prominent BitTorrent client Vuze, in terms of provided download speed.

After choosing speed of download as the main criteria to separate the two well-established names in p2p file sharing, the researchers have concluded that uTorrent users achieve up to 16% higher download speeds compared to those who use Vuze. The study reveals that on some ISPs, the download speed advantage registered by uTorrent against Vuze could translate in even higher percentages, rising up to 30%.

The researchers recorded the download speeds of more than 10 million BitTorrent users, tracking a number of 600 popular torrents available on the Pirate Bay over the course of a month. The study involved monitoring an equal number of both uTorrent and Vuze users for each individual torrent, after categorizing all users according to their utilized ISPs, so the type of torrent or ISP would not affect the results. The final report indicated that uTorrent users achieved a 176 Kbps download speed on average, while Vuze users were generally limited to 151 Kbps.

A more elaborate analysis pointed out that uTorrent users benefited from faster download speeds on all of the most popular ISPs, with the exception of Verizon, where no difference was noted. In the case of 10% of these ISPs, uTorrent users achieved 30% faster speeds compared to Vuze users.

The researchers behind the study are planning to expand their work so that they will encompass other popular clients in the near future too. Furthermore, they aim to validate the results in a controlled environment in order to nail out the fastest BitTorrent client on the Web.

“This work does not aim to design the best BitTorrent client, but to bring to the attention of BitTorrent implementors and users that some design choices have a significant effect in practice. Even though in our study uTorrent appears to achieve faster speeds than Vuze, we do not claim that uTorrent is the way to go,” the researchers’ statement reads.

“We hope that our preliminary findings will open the door for new research efforts to better understand the impact of design choices in the performance of real-world BitTorrent implementations. Ultimately, we see such research efforts leading to the design of better P2P systems,” the research team inferred.

(via TorrentFreak)