IsoHunt Ordered to Remove Links to Pirated Content

IsoHunt may soon be required to maintain a list of filtered keywords and withdraw any torrents linked with items specified in it due to a Californian court’s order. If the precept will be put into effect, IsoHunt could follow on the footsteps of Mininova, which became the subject of strict censorship last year, due to implementation of a similar provision.

The adoption of a keyword filter was mainly the idea of MPAA-represented movie studios, and now the court will analyze whether the measure is indeed necessary and feasible.

Gary Fung, the man behind IsoHunt believes that installation of such a filtering device would be inappropriate. In a previous statement for TorrentFreak, he explained that such a measure “raises serious issues on the balance between freedom of speech, fair use and copyright protectionism,” as it would also restrict users’ access to many legitimate torrent files now available in the public domain.

Considering the court has not yet pronounced a final verdict regarding the proposal filed by the MPAA, Fung told TorrentFreak that he would do everything he can to prevent the adoption of this measure. Fung believes that by presenting the recently developed ‘lite’ version of isoHunt to the judges, he should be able to convince them of the potential this has in addressing copyright infringement, and should pass on as a solid alternative to a keyword filter.

The new version of the website was described as simply a search box similar to the ones utilized by other search engines, including Google. According to Fung, the lite version should not encourage illegal file sharing any more than other search engines. However, this change may cause IsoHunt to lose some of its regular users, as certain torrents will be more difficult to find due to significantly simplified search options.