Top 10 Most Downloaded Movies via BitTorrent

Top 10 Most Downloaded Movies via BitTorrent

A bit later this week but here it is…

TorrentFreak has published the data they collected with the top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent for the week ended December 20th. All the films included in this chart are DVDrips (unless mentioned otherwise).

In early November when Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” first entered this chart on 9th position we predicted that it would eventually climb much higher in the top – well, it took it about seven weeks but it finally did it and “This Is It” is this week’s leader – the most downloaded film on p2p networks. James Cameron’s box-office monster ‘Avatar’, 20th Century Fox’s most expensive film ever made which cost around $300 million follows in second spot. ‘2012′, last week’s leader drops two places.

Rank Last week Movie Rating/Trailer
1 (…) This Is It 7.4/trailer
2 (…) Avatar (TS) 8.9/trailer
3 (1) 2012 (R5) 6.7/trailer
4 (…) Where Wild Things Are 7.8/trailer
5 (5) Inglorious Basterds 8.1/trailer
6 (4) Funny People 7.2/trailer
7 (2) Planet 51 6.1/trailer
8 (7) Law Abiding Citizen 7.3/trailer
9 (8) Surrogates 6.4/trailer
10 (3) The Bad Lieutenant 7.6/trailer

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Top Ten Most Downloaded P2P File Sharing Clients

top-ten-most-downloaded-p2p-file-sharing-clients1To get a better view on how the peer-to-peer scene is evolving with respect to what file sharing software people prefer to download, we keep you posted weekly with the latest numbers. So here’s a list with last week’s top ten most downloaded p2p file sharing programs – the chart is based on figures published by and it refers to the number of times a p2p client was downloaded from their site (click on the names for download):

Week ended December 20

P2P Client Number of downloads (last week) Number of downloads (total)
1.Limewire (current version 5.3.6) 431,692 195,783,738
2.Frostwire (current version: 4.18.5) 161,423 25,712,635
3.BitComet (current version: 1.16) 75,388,589 109,017
4.uTorrent (current version 1.8.5 build 17414) 6,696,912 58,452
5.Mp3 Rocket (current version 5.3.4) 35,219 5,207,781
6.BitTorrent (current version 6.3) 25,554 15,904,308
7.Vuze (current version: 17,194 7,009,728
8.Limewire Pro (current version: 5.3.6) (buy)
9,923 903,841
9.Ares Galaxy (current version 2.1.2) 8,315 656,989
10.Morpheus (current version: 5.4.0. 1080)
7,726 174,081,867


Streaming Comes to uTorrent

Streaming Comes to uTorrentPeople have been making bets this year over who will triumph in the streaming vs.p2p race. However, aware of users growing very fond of streaming some companies will not just sit and wait for an outcome. The best example is Bit Torrent Inc. which recently has announced the adding of a new very useful option to uTorrent (perhaps the most popular p2p client in any country except for China) that allows users stream video files while downloading.

Back in October we quoted Craig Labovitz, chief scientist for Arbor Networks with a statement about streaming services that makes BitTorrent’s move logical:

“It’s far more convenient and faster. It used to be the case that to watch a movie, you had to wait eight hours for your peer-to-peer to seed. And now you can go to one of these sites and watch a movie in real time in [high definition] via streaming.”

After almost ten years since its birth BitTorrent is everywhere on the net and on everybody’s lips as well. It has totally and irreversibly changed the way we look at content distribution.

utorrent streaming

The latest feature available from now on in file sharing application uTorrent responds to the increasing demand for streaming support which makes users’ wait time much pleasant by letting them play video files when downloading.
Simon Morris, BitTorrent’s VP of Product Management stressed: “Our hope is to transform getting media using uTorrent from a ‘load-wait-watch-tomorrow’ to more of a ‘point-click-watch’ experience.”

TorrentFreak reported:

“By default the latest uTorrent release is configured to use the DivX web player to stream video. This works well for most files but for us it caused problems with some video formats. Changing it to VLC or any other media player is relatively easy though, by nominating a different streaming player in uTorrent’s preferences.

For now, uTorrent users will have to settle for on-demand streaming. Those who do not intend to use the feature can be assured that the streaming implementation used by uTorrent is designed on the principles of tit-for tat sharing, meaning that it does not slow down regular downloads.”

To download streaming in the uTorrent installer click the link:

Kickasstorrents’ Top 5 Most Downloaded Music Albums

Kickasstorrents’ Top 5 Most Downloaded Music Albums

Let’s check out what music file sharers have been downloading this week according to a top five compiled and posted by the crew at one of the most popular torrent sites around – Kickasstorrents. The chart presented here only concerns this site alone.

This week’s Kickasstorrents’ Music Top 5 includes almost exclusively hip-hop artists (the exception being the rock group Three Days Grace).

1. Timbaland – Shock Value II;
2. Lil Wayne – No Ceilings;
3. Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon The End of Day;
4. Three Days Grace – Life Starts Now;
5. Snoop Dogg – Malice N Wonderland;

This week the top is three good releases of mainstream hip-hop, one alternative hip-hop and three days grace just to please the fans of alternative rock.

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P2PON Recommends: “The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans”

Nicolas Cage’s best film in years!

Tagline: 'The only criminal he can't catch is himself'
Tagline: 'The only criminal he can't catch is himself'

No recommendation over the last two weeks but then again no any new BitTorrent release worth being recommended (perhaps in the future we won’t be sticking only to new releases in case they are disappointing and include older ones which you might have missed). However, here we come this week again with the latest film starring Nicolas Cage who finally has something to show us after a long, maybe too long, time. After “Knowing” very few expected Cage could pull off a performance like the one in “Bad Lieutenant”.

If you look for the title “Bad Lieutenant” you might end up finding a 1992 flick directed by Abel Ferrara with Harvey Keitel in the leading role (worth watching as well) and while Herzog says he hasn’t even seen the original film, his work can very well stand on its own feet.

There seemed to be a trend over the past few years with corrupted cop movies but this one definitely outdoes its genre. Cage does play a corrupted, arrogant, unscrupulous cop (Terence McDonagh) tormented by physical pain (whose cause is nevertheless an altruistic act) and addictions but the way he plays it makes you wonder where the hell he was all this time. Perhaps the credit goes to Herzog and his ability to bring out this sort of dedication and connection to the character and the story in Cage and make him go insanely sincere and true with his role.

Though the best detective in his department, McDonagh’s cocaine problem often interferes with his profession of which and he doesn’t hesitate to make use in order to provide himself with the daily dose. Apparently, the one who can still make a difference and impact his life (ultimately in a good way) is a prostitute played by Eva Mendes.

The movie has the energy to keep you seated throughout its entire duration mostly because you just can’t get enough of Cage’s surprising powerful comeback which tends to make forgettable and forgivable his latest films.

Movie Data

Nicolas Cage -Terence McDonagh
Val Kilmer -Stevie Pruit
Eva Mendes – Frankie Donnenfeld
Fairuza Balk – Heidi
Jennifer Coolidge – Genevieve
Brad Dourif – Ned Schoenhol

Director: Werner Herzog
Writer: William M. Finkelstein
Genre: Crime / Drama
Writer/screenplay William M. Finkelstein

Plot for Bad Lieutenant (imdb)
Terence McDonagh is a drug- and gambling-addled detective in post-Katrina New Orleans investigating the killing of five Senegalese immigrants.

Watch the (poor) trailer below:

Important: (support film-making!) Go watch the movies you like in theaters, or buy the official DVDs when released.

Download “Bad Lieutenant” Magnet Link | Torrent Download (via The Pirate Bay; Size:1.47 GiB )

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