Mininova is Gone, What Else is There?

File sharing alternatives to Mininova – list of torrent sites


It’s a pattern – just as in the Pirate Bay’s case when almost instantly as the rumors about the site shutting down emerged, alternative torrent trackers were being posted in news on different websites, now it happens with Mininova.

Earlier today we reported about Mininova going totally legit as it complied with the ruling given by a court in August this year ordering the site to remove all the links to copyrighted content. Just a week ago the site had reached more than 10 billion torrent downloads served since its first appearance on the p2p file sharing scene back in January 2005. Now, its millions of users that helped it become one of the top 100 sites in the world according to Alexa ranking must find other places to download their favorite movies, music, games, etc. Fortunately, you don’t have to look too long as we offer below a list with torrent trackers to fill in the void left by Mininova together with other sites which published their own recommendations (TorrentFreak and DownloadSquad are two examples). Note that some of the sites listed here we have already included in previous reviews. I’m sure you are familiar with many of the sites here just as I know you probably know others as well.