Swedish Government about to Launch the New File Sharing Law

We promised to keep you posted with the ongoing process of implementing a file sharing law in Sweden so here’s the follow-up of the latest related events. The Swedish government says is still working on a law that will give record and film labels the permission to go after people sharing unauthorized audio and video files, Associated Press informs.

What this proposal does is enable industry lawyers to seek a court order to idenyify the user behind an Internet subscription in cases of suspected copyright infringement. The idea is that labels would be able to get money from the file-sharers as compensation for their losses.

There is, however a consolation in that people not indulging in uploading unauthorized content and who are involved only “occasionally” in downloading such material will not be pursued.

Countries such as Finland and Denmark have a similar legislation already functioning.

However, there’s still one more step to go as the proposal made public today needs approval from the Parliament.