BitTorrent New Trackers

From time to time we’ll be posting trackers so you can check out what’s happening on the BitTorrent scene. Here are a few new sites offered by FileShareFreak: — a Romanian/English tracker with 130 torrents. — only 6 torrents so far and it does seem crowded with ads. — totally new site with 40 torrents to this point. — a new tracker with not so appealing 37 torrents. — 13 torrents with 4 of them external. — not so interesting looking

YouTube Now Live but How …Lively?

YouTube is now probably adding up to see if they can say their idea of offering live streaming started off with the right foot or not.

Yesterday, the Almighty of the Internet joined the live video realm. Youtube debuted the broadcast of live shows with an event in San Francisco. The broadcast was half concert and half variety show and triggered different comments some praising the effort, others calling it a fiasco.

The event was spiced up with different celebs, artists and performers among which the scientists from the Mythbusters crew,, Lisa Nova, Michael Buckley, and Joe Satriani.

Here’s NewTeeVee’s coverage of the event in NTV is Live from YouTube Live:

OK, the show is on. Katy Perry just performed “Hot and Cold,” now Beardyman is on beat-boxing. You don’t need us for the live-blog of the mainstage, way better to watch the live-stream (no embed, sorry). But some notes on the scene: People are definitely hyped, and the place is packed (though it’s a pretty small venue… YouTube PR said they’re expecting 2-3,000 attendees). Lots of colorful characters — plenty of skateboarders, but no kittens or puppies so far. Biggest applause since the show started (by far) was for Tay Zonday. Chris and I are across the catwalk from Chad Hurley and Larry Page, who seem psyched.

While the San Francisco managed to raise the interest of some viewers (although not impressive by number), Tokyo webcast was a fiasco. Mike Abundo says in YouTube Live Tokyo Fails:

Whereas YouTube Live in San Francisco attracted 700,000 concurrent live viewers, YouTube Live Tokyo attracts none — because it’s not even live. The show was supposed to start at 3pm Japan Standard Time. It is now 7:56pm in Japan, and there’s nary a live stream in sight.

YouTube’s plunge into live broadcasting follows the website attempt to financially benefit from its popularity by allowing advertisers “sponsor” videos and bid on key words people use for searches on the site.

Of course, most of the time progress means change but it remains to be seen if the vice versa is also legitimate in this case. YouTube Live has placed a bet. We’ll just have to see if it’s a sustained one.

Mininova Attempts to Attract Premium Publishers

Video Torrent Ads Under Testing

The popular BitTorrent site Mininova has announced the testing of a new technology which allows users to download and view licensed movies and TV programs for free. Content producers will get the chance to add ads in their videos.

This new advertising technology is hoped to be a very attractive feature for premium content producers who would be inspired to release their work on Mininova’s content distribution platform which enables easy seeding of the torrent files, the publisher only needing to upload the files.

The site reads:

These videos will be packaged by Hyper MP technology and are going to be distributed using Mininova Content Distribution for free. The unique feature of this system is that the videos can be downloaded and played anywhere in the world (no geo-targeting), and will make use of a new in-video advertising technology.

A huge number of premium publishers have rushed into signing up at Mininova due to the new advertising opportunities. It looks like BitTorrent will soon be the home for many shows and movies as an increasing number of TV and movie studios might consider releasing their products this way, Mininova representing a most viable promotional agent.

You can see for yourself how the current Hyper MP (being tested) is doing:

Make sure to check our movie [an amateur feature length comedy titled “Battle Therapy”] by downloading the following torrent: The movie is packaged in a Windows executable and is free of viruses and DRM, so don’t let that deter you from downloading it. […This first release is a trial only and it is not representative of the quality of feature length content that will follow].

DCIA P2P & Video Conference Videos Offered by Abacast

“Thanks to the work of Jason Vosburgh at Abacast, videos documenting the DCIA’s first-ever P2P & VIDEO CONFERENCE (P2PVC) are now online”, reads the DCIA’s website. The organization has decided to offer videos of its recent P2P & Video Conference in collaboration with Abacast.

The videos include a wide-range of speakers among which Chris Gillis, Director of Sales, MediaDefender; Pando CEO Robert Levitan; Gerry Kaufhold, Principal Analyst, In-Stat; Walter Leaphart, Advisor, Music Intelligence Solutions and many others.

Note: The videos may work only with IE on Windows. Unless you already have it installed on your computer you may need to download Windows Media Player Extension.

The second annual P2P MEDIA SUMMIT is scheduled in Las Vegas on January 7th. To learn more about the event click here and for registration click here .

Planypus Allows You to Share Your Plans with Your friends

A bright idea just hit you and you want to share it with your friends? Now there’s Planypus which can help do just that. If you’ve come up with the contour of a plan then you need to register at the site while your friends are not required to do so. To create such a plan simply go to the make plans now button and enter a few details (which your friends can also help you with).

Afterwards you can invite your friends and actually discuss the plan using instant comments. Next if you want to vote for the best time and place for the group ypu can do that and also be notified of the plan in its completed form. This notification can be set in various forms such as email, mobile alerts, calendar feeds and RSS.

The site recommends the service as Wiki for your social life. The concept this site brings is rather attractive but there’s still room for improvement.