uTorrent 1.8 and how to Block Wrong Connections through IPFilter.dat

In the interest of those users who integrate IP Blocking into µTorrent – it’s very likely you’ve already become aware of the failure to block anything of the ipfilter.dat addon when you did the upgrade to v1.8.

However, don’t worry, it does work. If you use µTorrent v1.7.7 with ipfilter.dat and click on the Logger tab at the bottom, it displays and logs blocked IPs automatically. The same thing doesn’t happen with v1.8 – that’s why you have to do the enabling of the log manually to make it show the blocked peers.

Let’s assume the ipfilter.dat file has been installed and your µTorrent client is running: click the Logger tab at the bottom of the µTorrent window. Of course you won’t be seeing much because logging is OFF by default. You need to right-click and select “Peer Traffic Logging”, then place a checkmark where it reads “Log blocked connections”.

And that should be it. This way you’ll be presented with a report of all the blocked connections, as with the µTorrent v1.7.7. Yeah, not exactly a brain surgery but the need for such information was noticed on many torrent forums.