P2P Defendant Compensated by RIAA

Tanya Anderson is one of the many individuals RIAA filed a lawsuit against for illegally sharing music over the Internet. The case has been on for two years.

Of course damage compensation was demanded. So, on one hand we had the music industry representatives Atlantic Recording, Priority Records, Capitol Records, UMG Recordings, and BMG Music claiming the fee, and, on the other hand, we had a very determined woman who would not have it without a fight. And well she did. After taking a firm stand denying the accusations whose subject she was, finally, she had the complaints against her dismissed. However, by now some money – and we talk about $300,000 – would be kissed goodbye due to legal fees. Since the allegations had been withdrawn, she was now allowed to demand compensation for attorney fees. The wheel had turned.

Her demand went pretty well. The judge initially ruled that “Andersen now requests an award of attorney fees in the amount of$298,995.00 and costs in the amount of $5,387.05.” Naturally, the music industry wasn’t at all happy with the decision and objected to the considerable fee.

The objection proved to be justified once again and the judge re-visited his order and ruled that “Andersen should be awarded attorney fees in the amount of$103,175. Andersen’s Bill of Costs in the amount of
$4,659 should be APPROVED.”

Is it me or this does look like a cat and mouse game?